Building God's Family - 

 a Dynasty of Kings and Queens


As the "Owners of Cheon Il Guk"

let us create the building blocks of the

"Peaceful Ideal World".

An aspiring guide for Blessed Families to develop a practical mind of ownership and create sustainable intentional communities in various environments.

Spirit of community

Carolyn Shaffer writes in Creating Community Anywhere:

"Only two or three generations ago, community was a fact of life for most people. Neighbors left their doors open, helped each other build things, and kept an eye out for one another's well-being. In 1930, less than eight percent of American households consisted of a single person, and many families occupied the same house for generations."

The importance of education

The ultimate purpose of religion is to bring about the reality of a human community filled with love and peace. This is God’s Will. It is not easy to create an environment where people’s hearts are filled with a craving for peace. Continuous education is the only solution.

(From "AS A PEACE-LOVING GLOBAL CITIZEN", the autobiography of Rev. Sun Myung Moon)

The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1987

We Shall Live In the Original Homeland

July 1, 1987
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

Which is more important - "I" or "we"? This is a fundamental question.

"We" usually means men and women, but actually "we" should include everything God created - the trees, the animals, all things of creation. The most important point we must establish is that each person, each "I," dwells within the group, within the "we" - not "we" within the "I" Saying "I" signifies an individual surrounded and protected by a multitude, called "we."

Whenever you speak of "I," you already denote "we" in that each "I" can be seen as a representative of the whole group. It is only when you speak of yourself in reference to the whole - everybody else - that the emphasis upon yourself is acceptable.

The model family enters God's sanctuary

Sun Myung Moon
May 15, 2007

In the future we will have to create the system of condominiums, so that, let's say, 5 families of different nations can live together. 

Then you can live for 5 years in Japan, then for 10 years in some other place and so forth. 

You should live your whole life in this way. 

The question then will be how much you were able to help people living together with you in the same house.

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