Minutes of EPIC development in 2013

Current zoning of 149 Bluestone
Zoning Mtg Westfall Twshp.pdf
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Township OKs gun manufacturer zoning use
Township OKs gun manufacturer zoning use
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Commitments as of Oct 2013
EPIC Group Commitments as of Oct 2013.pd
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Agenda points
About our vision: I thought each person could speak, for as long as they need, to express what would make them happy in going forward with this and what would make it an unhappy process. This is not so that we can focus on our own self interest, but as something to deeply think about beforehand, and as a way of getting to know each other better. Having a big vision with a goal out ahead of us is inspiring and helps to overcome obstacles. But, the vision needs to incorporate our personal needs and wants. What do we see ourselves doing in the future?
13_02_01_Agenda points for Feb 3 EPIC.pd
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First EPIC organizers meeting
This was the first meeting of the Eastern Pa Intentional Community organizers. Present were Neil Angelino, Geoff and Joe Hinkle, Eric Wenzel, Gregg and Elke Noll, Sally and Rob Sayre, and Dan and Sue Stoia.
13_02_03_First EPIC meeting.pdf
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Core Components
Comments to Rob’s “Core Components” from Herwig Schmid
Robs Core Components.pdf
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Core Values
Thoughts about Core values, that are meaningful to us (Herwig & Angela Schmid)
Thoughts about Core values that are mean
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Membership Categories
How to start anything is always hard, which comes first and how is this determined. There are no easy answers, nor exact models. We certainly learned a lot for Diana Leafe Christian. Personally, I think starting with “what we do” together is how and where to start.
13_07_29_Membership Categories.pdf
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EPIC Flyer
Possible Features of a Community Space Training, education, community meeting space, community kitchen, small gardens, large gardens, large greenhouse and orchard, music and artists workspace, space for outdoor sports, indoor gym, store, thrift co-op, apartments, rooms for rent, dorm style youth hostel, workshops with equipment (woodworking, etc..). Imagine the possibilities when we combine some of our talents!
Eastern Pennsylvania Intentional Communi
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Community for Principled-Living* Charter
The purpose of this document is to establish guidelines for an intentional (aka Co-housing) community. The nature of this specific community is discussed below. This is a dynamic document which will evolve and be built by those participating in and invested in the initial charter for the community.
Community for Principled-Living Charter.
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