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BOXABL CASITA – Accessory Dwelling Unit


The Casita Boxabl home is sold for

$49,500 USD, fully furnished.


The Casita arrives complete, right out of the box, with a full size shaker style kitchen, huge fridge, dishwasher, oven, microwave, a tall window right over the sink, and a modern breakfast bar for two. The only thing you need is your bed and couch.

Behind a contemporary sliding glass barn door is a full sized bathroom with a shower, tub, a backlit mirror, and a ton of drawers for storage. There’s included heating and air-conditioning, and dimmable LED lights under the tall 8 foot windows, under the even taller 9.6 foot ceiling.

It’s an open floor plan with a bedroom, bathroom, living, dining, and kitchen area, wide plank composite flooring, a built-in ironing center, washer and dryer, and all appliances utilize modern technology – their power outlets even have integrated USB plugs.

The exterior is a steel skin – very architecturally neutral, so easy to personalize once it arrives so that you can make the outside feel like it’s your own. The roof is a flat roof system, though if you need a pitched roof they can customize this on site once it arrives.

Interested in yurts?

There’s no better place to start than right here.

Take off your shoes and stay awhile.Take a peek inside Rainier Outdoor's yurt manufacturing facility and learn how the kit is created.

Living Big in a Tiny House is a YouTube show which documents the lives of people around the world who live in unique and interesting small homes. The show explores all kinds of downsized living, including tiny houses on wheels, micro apartments, cabins, tree-houses, earth homes, shipping container homes, busses, vans and everything in between.

With weekly episodes, it delves into the lives of people who are choosing to live an alternative lifestyle in unconventional architecture.


The show was started late in 2013 by Bryce Langston and has since grown to be one of New Zealand’s largest YouTube channels, with 2 million subscribers and well over 220 million views across the channel. Since then, Living Big in a Tiny House has gone international, with a huge following in North America and Europe.

Build A House With 


Lego-Like Wood Bricks

Denver-based firefighter Regan Foster used to spend his days putting out fires, but while recovering from a work-related injury, Foster decided to try his hand at building his dream home.

The results are breathtaking.

Using his own designs, Foster converted nine repurposed shipping containers into a massive 3,840-square-foot home with sophistication that rivals that of any professional architect’s work.

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