Walipini Underground (Pit) Greenhouse Construction
Deep appreciation is extended to the Benson Institute which created the document.
Walipini underground greenhouse construc
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Heating Your Glasshouse with Geo Solar
An enormous community glasshouse located in the cold mountains of Canada, British Columbia.
Its an amazing system where the summer heat is pumped and stored below ground and slow released over winter. It really works. Its very inexpensive to build too. If you live in a cold climate and plan to heat your house - you must watch this video.

Growing Spaces - Growing Dome ® greenhouse kits offer the ability to grow fresh, organic vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers indoors year-round. We offer small greenhouses and large green houses ideal for home gardeners, schools, farms and communities.

Ana White homemaker - Free step by step plans to build a barn style greenhouse!

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natural building blog - Wiki Natural Houses: free, open source, downloadable PDF and CAD files so everyone can build their own low cost home

Solaroof - is a growing community around the world that experiments with new ways of building, gardening and shaping our environment - around one central idea that offers a range of new possibilities.

  • to establish a global COOP enabling POD projects with a Crowd Funding movement for POD Fresh Food
  • building a Solar Greenhouse in the backyard
  • creating new Garden Home concepts
  • revolutionize Eco Village or urban Eco Habitat design

Revolutionary Gardens - Our aquaponic systems are completely off-grid, 100% organic, and entirely sustainable while using the latest in high-efficiency greenhouse technology. We, are building a fully off-grid, solar heated, thermal-bubble insulated greenhouse, to produce fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and fish all year round.

North Dakota State University - FREE downloadable building and facility plans. These plans were developed over many years by engineers at Land Grant Universities. They provide conceptual information that is excellent for planning purposes.

University of Tennessee - The University of Tennessee Extension maintains a collection of over 300 building and equipment plans, and all are now available in electronic format for download.

MWPS MidWest Plan Service - makes available a variety of educational materials related to agricultural and biological engineering, animal science, and farm business management. FREE Downloads in PDF

Urban Farm Units - is a farming experiment inside shipping containers. Organic fish, fruits and vegetables are produced in the street, avoiding unnecessary travels and providing meaning to food consumption in downtown cities. All prototypes are based on circular agriculture techniques.