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Unveiling the Reality of German Made Solar Panels – Avoid Being Deceived! (Wed, 27 Sep 2023)
German solar panels have been highly regarded for their quality and reliability in the past. They were a safe choice for those who wanted to avoid the uncertainties of Chinese manufacturing. However, the landscape has shifted, and most German manufacturers have either outsourced their production to Asia or pulled out of the Australian market altogether. […]
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Construction Begins on bp’s 187MWdc Texas Solar Project (Wed, 27 Sep 2023)
bp has started the construction of a solar project called Peacock Solar in Texas. The facility, with a capacity of 187MWdc, is located in San Patricio County, approximately 10 miles north of Corpus Christi. This project aligns with the global shift towards cleaner forms of energy. Under a long-term power purchase agreement, Peacock will supply […]
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