Water Supply

The Simple Pump piston rod pump was created in 1999 with quality and performance in mind.

Simple Pump parts are designed to be reliable, so you can get water whenever you need it.

The Simple Pump makes it easy to pump when you need water.

The Simple Pump well pump system is the only modular pump system on the market.

We developed the best backup hand well pump to install next to a submersible pump in wells 4 inches or larger.


And the pumping lever is modular and can be converted from a hand lever to a motorized lever in minutes.

Simple Pump controls the manufacturing of its well pump parts so the parts are stronger and lighter than competing deep well hand pumps.

This enables our deep well pumps to be installed and pump static water levels up to 325 feet.

2013 Get Your Mind Into Gutter Archives - Convening for Action in British Columbia

“Get Your Mind Into the Gutter Workshop” Showcases Leadership and Innovation in Harvesting Rainwater in British Columbia (Sun, 08 Dec 2013)
"I now see that we are one very small step away from seeing this region embrace rainwater harvesting in a manner in which I had only thought was something to dream about; and I am inspired to really push to see that the goals that we have for our North Vancouver watersheds are realized," stated Richard Boase. "We are really close to seeing our region embrace the kind of smart development that I had thought was much further away than it is today. That’s what I am taking away from this day." The post “Get Your Mind Into the Gutter Workshop” Showcases Leadership and Innovation in Harvesting Rainwater in British Columbia appeared first on Convening for Action in British Columbia.
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  • VI-AQUA - Water Energizing Technology! Vi-Aqua is an organic plant growth enhancement  system which can show visible, tangible and quantifiable proof of increased plant growth by as much as 25%. 

We add nothing to water except natural energy.

  • we find waterWhether you are a new or present homeowner, drilling a private water well can save you money by eliminating monthly water bills and providing unlimited access to your own fresh water supply. Well water often tastes cleaner and softer because it isn’t subject to chemical treatment, making it healthier to consume and environmentally friendly.
  • TU-BerlinMichael Kneissl has co-authored more than 250 publications, two book chapters, and holds more than 50 patents. A focus is the development of high-efficiency light emitting diodes (LEDs) emitting in the near and far UV spectral range and the realization of UV LED modules for various applications, including water purification, phototherapy and sensing.
  • Oasis designWe specialize in the nuts and bolts of sustainability—practical systems for living well, in harmony with nature and each other. These include designs for managing water, wastewater, energy, money and other resources.
  • CAT Centre for Alternative Technology - Water conservation is a fantastic way to reduce your ‘water footprint’. It has a positive impact on waste, reduces the need to pump water over long distances and protects against water shortages.