Events, Seminars and Workshops at Bluestone Farms

Romans 8:19

 The whole creation waits breathless with anticipation for the revelation of God’s sons and daughters.

Bee keeping Seminar:

Master Beekeeper, James A. Thomas gave us a wonderful presentation on the amazing bee. Charlene Williams & Rob Sayre also came to assist and lent their experience and knowledge of bees.
30,000 bees are now part of the Bluestone community! They will be working hard to pollinate our fruit trees, vegetables and all other plants in the region. Bluestone honey will be free of all harmful pesticides and chemicals.... good for us and the bees.
A special thanks to BEE ALIVE for their generous support of the launching of Bluestone Bees. All in all, a great day was shared with over 30 people in attendance.

Mushroom Workshop:

Paul Bulow blessed Bluestone Farms with his mushroom wisdom. A great day of learning and being in nature with friends.

Everyone went away happy as a proud owner of a Shiitake mushroom log.


There are many benefits to mushrooms such as:

  • Increasing vitamin D levels through your diet 
  • Improved immune system function
  • Improved nutrition and disease prevention
  • Experience the great taste of growing your own mushrooms

 At this seminar everything there is to know about mushrooms was taught. In addition, it was a hands-on workshop where the participants learned from A to Z about mushroom cultivation in their own backyard: 

  • Select and cut the wood in the forest
  • Prepare the logs by drilling holes
  • Inoculate the logs with Shiitake spawns
  • Seal the logs 
  • Learn how to maintain and store the logs for good “fruiting”

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