Membership in a community - how could it look like?

Recommended Membership Criteria:

(1) Thoroughly understands and supports your community’s Mission & Purpose.

(2) Understands and shares your community's values and lifestyle.

(3) Has a general attitude of, “I love what you’re doing here; how can I help?”

(4) Willing to abide by your community's agreements.

(5) Willing to be trained in your community's decision-making method (especially if it's consensus or Sociocracy) before they have decision-making rights.

(6) Generally liked by most people in the group most of the time; i.e., people would enjoy having them there.

(7) Willing to give you character references, is willing to allow a credit check and/or background check.

(8) Can afford to join: can pay the fees.

(9) Can meet the community labor requirements (unless you reduce or waive the requirements because of their age, physical difficulties, or other reasons).

(10) Doesn’t present red flags — doesn’t have an addiction, history of financial irresponsibility; criminal record (unless perhaps long ago & they were young); or emotional disturbances that would too-often negatively affect the group. Isn't running from the law and wanting to “hide out” in community; doesn’t have an ex-partner trying to hunt them down and do them harm or kidnap their child; or is not mentally ill (or if mentally ill or emotionally disturbed, does not have a habit of periodically going off their meds)

The Constitution - we need one!

The Constitution is the fundamental Charter regulating the Social Body, formed by the members or better "citizens" of a particular community. The citizens dedicate their life to the application of the principles and aims indicated in the Constitution, and they make a commitment to respect and apply it in all its norms. The act of becoming a citizen takes different forms, corresponding to the choice and commitment of the individual.

Cheon Il Guk, The Kingdom of God (and/or Heaven), a sovereign and actual nation does not yet exist in this world, but is the long awaited culmination of the End of Time as prophesied in the Biblical Scripture. 

The Divine Principle and the Eight Great Textbook Curriculum revealed by True Father, Christ at His second Coming, is the spiritual foundation of this Constitution. 

It is upon this foundation of these eternal truths that the future nation of Cheon Il Guk will be politically, and legally established. 

This Constitution is not an ecclesiastical Constitution of a church or religious body, but is a Constitution for a real and sovereign, future nation, being the literal fruit of God’s Providence.  All history longs and awaits this future Kingdom of God. 

The Constitution of the United States of Cheon Il Guk
We the People of the United States of Cheon Il GuK (CIG), in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish in Heavenly Father’s name this Constitution for the United States of CIG.
Constitution for the United States of Ch
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As an example, another spiritual community,  the "Federation of Damanhur" (City of Light) in northern Italy developed their own constitution regulating it's citizens at large. Here is their website:

We share our constitution with you and invite you to use it as a base to create a model that works in your community life.