The Beginning with the end in mind!

Being part of a peaceful, loving community has been a deep irrepressible desire of the human heart and soul throughout history. It is reflected in a respectful and loving family.
It might have been surprising to you that even in the heart of God, the Creator of the Universe, dwells the same desire - to share a relationship of 
interdependence in True Love with His beloved Sons and Daughters..
Why didn't we succeed? - you might ask. Just like in a family we can only live in lasting peace and harmony when every single one manifests and shares the same dream - the same values and ideals.


Make no mistake - to build this wonderful community starting from where you are is like growing up, starting a family and a successful business - all at the same time.

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From the collection of Rev. Moon's speeches in the Cheon Seong Gyeong, Book 6: 

The Value of Our Earthly Life


3.6. To live in harmony with nature is precious
A person who works with nature is usually more religious...When you become fifty years old, you return to nature. (244-322, 1993.3.1)
When you pass the age of sixty, you should retire from public life, return to the farm village in your hometown, cultivate the earth and prepare to go to the spirit world.... (289-193,1998.1.2)

You should build a “condominium system,” and train people within that system where four families live together in unity. They should earn money together, eat together, educate their children together, and live as one family ... (278-327, 1996.6.23)