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My Vision Of A Life In Community
We live according to the cosmic laws with the permanent aspiration after lovingly dealing with each other and respect one another, and respect all living things and nature as a whole.
The sustainability and compatibility of all decisions for the big picture and up to the seventh generation has highest priority.
We are all connected. Everyone is of equal value. Each contribution is a gift to the community, and is equivalent.
Everyone brings in what he/she can and wants to do, and takes what he/she needs.
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Anticipating Spring (Sun, 11 Mar 2018)
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Are You an Interfaith Activist? (Tue, 06 Mar 2018)
This was the question Dr. Frank Kaufmann challenged us with at a recent seminar in Boston. In this seminar, “Is Peace Really Possible?”, Dr. Kaufmann suggested that peace is only possible when we ourselves cross over the boundaries that divide us. It’s comforting to think that the United Nations might magically make peace in the […] The post Are You an Interfaith Activist? appeared first on Faith Fusion.
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