Organic Semiconducting Products

  • NANO news The breakthrough by NREL scientists likely will lead to lower-cost solar cells that are nonetheless more efficient than the ones used on rooftops and in solar arrays today.
  • NANO newsPhotovoltaic cells made from organic compounds, rather than silicon wafers, are set to transform the solar energy industry. Because organic solar cells are made using solution processes, they can be spread onto flexible substrates, like films or fabrics, in the same manner as inks or paints.
  • SIGMA-ALDRICH providing a wide range of organic semiconducting products for use in high performance devices (OPVs, OLEDs and OTFTs) to support academic research through to industrial manufacturing. Organic materials are used as components of conductive inks, so devices can be efficiently fabricated using inkjet printing technology.
  • microbial fuel cell (MFC) - At this crucial time I have chosen microbial fuel cell (MFC) to generate alternate source of energy the electricity by using biopesticide wastewater.
  • Krajete (german) - Die gleichzeitige Verwertung von CO2 und erneuerbarem Strom unter milden, energieschonenenden Bedingungen macht das Verfahren zur biologischen Speicherung von Strom in Methan attraktiv fuer eine Reihe von Industrien mit neuen Anwendungsgebieten.
  • OEKOFEN - development of a small domestic power station, which can produce electricity as well as heat from wood pellets