Other fields of Energy use

  • Stargate Motor - Easy way to make a motor perform to a huge variety of speed or torque settings without having to waste time and money on a custom manufactured order that can't replicate it. Check out my other videos showing this little enhanced motor under load at PMMG4HYBRID. By precise placement of powerful neo magnets to alter the internal permanent magnetic stator field of this DC motor, the flux saturation or desaturation will create an adjustable supermotor from the ordinary. Factory spec output speed and well beyond or higher torque with lower rpm will then be obtained due to modified magnetic fields.
  • E-Cat Reaktor (german) -
    Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)
    Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). Die Funktionsweise des E-Cat Reaktors wird auf der Webseite der E-Cat-Deutschland GmbH so beschrieben: "Bei dem im E-Cat ablaufende Prozess handelt es sich um eine niedrigenergetische elementare Reaktion zwischen Nickel- und Wasserstoffatomen, bei der die entstehende thermische Energie über Wärmetauscher abgegeben wird.
  • Nordicgreen - Stirling Denmark is the world's first and only provider of a CO2 neutral combined heat and power plant, based on a biomass fired Stirling Engine. The Stirling Denmark technology enables the conversion of biomass, such as wood chips and straw, into high-value, clean, CO2-neutral electricity and heat.
  • Stirlingmotor (german) - Stirling-Whispergenlösung mit Dieselöl oder Biodiesel und gleichzeitigem Einsatz einer Batterie als optimale KWK Lösung für ein mittleres Einfamilienhaus.
  • CAT - The Centre's amazing water-balanced cliff railway is one of the steepest cliff railways in the world, with a gradient of 35 degrees. A pioneering project in itself and a unique feature in Europe, it is an excellent introduction to the realms of sustainable technology.
  • YALE - Electricity from Thin Air: Using Nanotechnology to Capture the Energy Around Us. As the movement for self-powered electronics gains momentum, future combinations may harness thermal, biochemical, and other energy sources depending on the device’s location. Each energy source has its own limitations, but integrating multiple collectors into one device leads to efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.
  • Yanmar - The YANMAR mCHP unit delivers constant heating and electric power while providing complete environmental comfort.  The YANMAR systems utilizes up to 88% versus 49% from traditional “from-the-grid” sources.This provides significant energy savings year after year. With the YANMAR mCHP Black-Out Start (BOS) model, no matter how bad the weather is outside you can have peace of mind knowing that your YANMAR mCHP will continue to provide heat, electricity and hot water when the traditional grid system goes out.
  • ENergy - Turning the Ocean’s Plastic Into Fuel; The Blest Machine they’d like to take out to the North Pacific Gyre can handle more than 500 pounds of plastic per day, which could produce around 66 gallons of fuel.