Changing our reliance on fossil fuels could not only slow climate change, but also promote sustainable economic development and social justice around the globe.

Scott Hunt is the owner of Practical Preppers. 

For me being a Prepper means that I have the ability to grow and preserve our own food, secure my own water source and have an alternative energy supply. Preppers take the time to learn and teach important skills such as self defense, hunting, gardening, food storage, energy storage and conversion and how to locate fresh water. As a Prepper I strive towards self sufficiency, energy efficiency, alternative energy, conservation and helping others do the same.


"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." -Benjamin Franklin

"Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice." -Henry Ford

Off Grid World

15 Benefits of Aeroponic Growing (Thu, 13 Sep 2018)
Aeroponic growing, while it may look wildly different from the conventional hydroponics setup, is still part of the family of hydroponics systems that uses no soil and a nutrient reservoir to deliver moisture and nutrients to plants. What is it aeroponics, anyway? When you’re running an aeroponic system, your plants are literally suspended in mid-air. […] The post 15 Benefits of Aeroponic Growing appeared first on Off Grid World.
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Huge Improvements in Solar Energy Efficiency Reported Using Gold Nanoparticles (Fri, 21 Sep 2018)
  Researchers at Hokkaido University in Japan claimed to reach 85 percent efficiency for the conversion of solar energy.  The researchers built a photoelectrode that works over a broad range of wavelengths to gain an order of magnitude improvement over previous efforts.   Nanoparticles absorb light energy over a broad spectrum by:  Kevin Clemens    […] The post Huge Improvements in Solar Energy Efficiency Reported Using Gold Nanoparticles appeared first on Revolution-Green.
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