You might not be able to go back

and make a brand new start -

but with God's help you can start now

and make a brand new end!

Cornerstone Kingdom Farms is a development involving 3 Generations of Blessed Families in rural Tennessee. Homesteading has been the desire of many young families and the joy of some, which already delved into it.

Although everybody agrees it involves scores of hard work - the reward is boundless.

The Homestead of Cheon Il Guk


Nestled in Eastern Tennessee,

A place where love and joy run free,

Cornerstone Kingdom Farms stands tall,

Truly Blessed Families answered God's call.


With Blessed Children and grandparents too,

All three generations to carry through,

They serve the Lord with all their might,

A beacon of hope, a source of light. 


The Rod of Iron protects their land,

A symbol of God's Kingdom at hand.

A strong Love for Christ they share,

With the Rod of Iron, they do declare,

The Kingdom of God will stand the test,

Sure there is no more time to waste.



Chickens, cows, and sheep graze the land,

Fruits from the trees in abundance at hand,

Pure nature, sunshine, refreshing air,

All gifts of God, given freely to share.


In this peaceful haven they call home,

They live in harmony, never alone,

Cornerstone Kingdom Farms, a treasure divine,

Where Faith and True Love forever shine.