Business Starters

We have a YouTube channel with more than 20,000 subscribers, a Facebook fan page with over 13,000 fans, and a website with many, many 10.000s of visitors each month.
We sell 3 eBooks and one eCourse and we make a great living through these products. We can afford to travel the world. 

  • Green Acre Aquaponics - we believe in fostering relationships with other leaders in our industry and with those that promote clean eating, healthy living and sustainability.  If you would like to be a friend of Green Acre, share with us who you are and what you do!
  • NYTNeed a Job? Invent It! Young people who are intrinsically motivated — curious, persistent, and willing to take risks — will learn new knowledge and skills continuously. They will be able to find new opportunities or create their own — a disposition that will be increasingly important as many traditional careers disappear.”
  • Whole Foods Market - the nation’s first commercial scale greenhouse farm integrated within a retail grocery space.
  • A young Unificationist couple, Jon and Shinny Jones, created a children’s book and launched their project via Kickstarter, an online funding platform for creative projects.
  • Fastcompany How do you fight hunger--not in some distant, drought-wracked foreign country, but in your own New York City neighborhood? If you’re Tanya Fields, you do it with a mural-painted, music-blasting, school bus full of fresh produce.
  • Plants for a futurewe will give you a small selection of little known edible plants that are all fairly easily grown in most soils and often require less attention than many of our better known food crops.
  • Sustainable Economies Law CenterSELC’s Food Program provides education, research, and advocacy to create food systems built on small-scale, community-based, sustainable enterprises - opportunities for people to create rewarding livelihoods working in the production of food.

Legal Resource Library: is a free online legal resource library that provides important legal information, best practices, and supporting tools for urban agriculture in North America.

  • Urban GroceryTo make life easier for customers through our network of Home Grocery Delivery Affiliates, who deliver quality products with caring, personalized service. We provide a complete delivery system for entrepreneurs, as well as a delivery solution for client stores.
  • Food Co-opStarting a co-op is a challenging and immensely rewarding activity. It will require research, careful planning, patience, and uncounted hours of time from you and your members. This book provides an overview of the basic steps and procedures. The manual is not an exhaustive or comprehensive reference document. Groups interested in starting a new co-op are strongly encouraged to check additional references, including those listed throughout the manual.
  • Natural NewsClean and green - Inspiring urban farm grows an astonishing three tons of produce a year on a mere 1/10 of an acre
  • Mavis ButterfieldHi, I’m Mavis. I garden. I cook. I babysit chickens. This year I’m on a mission to grow 2,000 4,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables in my backyard.  That’s 2 TONS of food! Trust me, if the pilgrims could do it, you can too!

Wood Pallet vegetable garden Pallet Gardening – An Abundance of Strawberries!

  • Edible Forest GardensForest gardens have much to offer on a practical level, and they have much to teach us about how to live in community as free and interdependent beings in a functional way. We hope that you will trust your innate ability to learn and contribute to the larger community of human beings who care about living sanely and humanely as we journey through energy descent. Welcome to the adventure of our lifetimes!
  • Future EnergyWorld Latest Technologies of Process for Mineral Water ( Bottled Water ) Productionfrom Different  Source  of water Like Bore Hole , Deep Well, River Water, Sea Water etc.
  • Community WealthThe Fifth Season Cooperative: Building Community Wealth and a Regional Food System 
  • open blueWe are dedicated to fulfilling a major void in the seafood industry – a reliable, sustainable source of healthy, premium fish, grown with care in a clean, natural and regulated environment. We currently raise cobia, a premium sashimi-grade, marine white fish that is popular in the high-end seafood market. Open Blue has built a unique enterprise to provide a healthy environment for the fish we raise, where we control quality and maintain full traceability through every step of our open ocean aquaculture process.
  • Natural NewsBringing back the hanging gardens of Babylon -- Indoor urban vertical farming; the next gardening venture for survival and the new agriculture