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Beginning Farmers Founder Taylor Reid Bids Farewell (Sun, 02 Jan 2022)
Beginning Farmers Beginning Farmers - Practical Tools for Successful Family Farming Taylor Reid Founder Taylor Reid is Leaving the Site After More Than 13 Years I started in 2008 while I was a Doctoral student at Michigan State University studying the motivations and learning processes of first generation farmers. My first blog post in 2008 noted that "We are currently witnessing a loss of family farms, an aging population of farmers, and an increasingly global and consolidated food system, all of which create concerns about food security, the health of rural communities, and economic and environmental sustainability. At the same time, an increase in direct marketing, consumer demand for local products, and the number of small farms on the urban fringe offer significant counterpoints to these trends. New, first-generation farmers are important actors in developing and sustaining these trends. The experiences and practices of new farmers may help develop an alternative agricultural model for family farms struggling to compete with large scale and foreign producers, and constitute an important cultural resource for promoting healthy communities, healthy eating habits, environmental sustainability, and social dialogue on food related issues." While all of this is still true, at the time I found that there was some good information on the internet for beginning and aspiring farmers, but it was scattered and difficult to access. The original purpose of the site was to bring that information together in a central place. Little did I know at the time that the site would be so successful, that it would continue to be a part of my life for more than a decade, or that I would go on to author more than 65oo blog posts over that time. continues to be a great resource for information that is useful to aspiring and beginning farmers, and it's fixed pages will remain accessible. But is no longer the only source on the internet for finding these resources. The USDA site, Cornell Small Farms, National Young Farmers Coalition, ATTRA, and many others provide great resources for individuals who are interested an starting a farm.  One of the accomplishments I am most proud of is the role that has had in connecting interns, apprentices, and farm job seekers with farms offering opportunities. I know a lot of farms have come to count on the site and it has helped to place thousands of people in on farms over the years. But there are also lots of other resources for this that provide this service now. I highly recommend the Comfood Jobs List, ATTRA's Internship Listings, and Good Food Jobs. It has been my pleasure to serve you for the last 13+ years. I wish you all the best of luck, and happy farming! Founder Taylor Reid Founder Taylor Reid Bids Farewell Taylor
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