The Energy Collective Network

Tokenisation of carbon credits on the blockchain (KLIMA DAO) (Mon, 18 Oct 2021)
For those interested in the intersection between blockchain and energy, a new crypto token is launching today: KLIMA. An overview from their manifesto is included below: "Klima DAO incentivises new supply of Base Carbon Tonnes (BCT) on the blockchain through the KLIMA token. KLIMA is the first building block for unlocking the carbon economy — an economy where more.. Click headline for full article
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60. From Energy Transition to Energy Crunch: The “Natgaspocalypse” - Redefining Energy podcast (Mon, 18 Oct 2021)
For the past decade, Natural Gas has been promoted as the “Clean, Reliable and Cheap” fuel to assist the Energy Transition. Well that cosy theory, heavily promoted by the fossil fuel companies, is collapsing in front of our eyes with the Energy Crunch affecting Europe, Asia and Latin America. As of 6 October 2021, TTF (the Dutch gas hub) front month prices briefly touched.. Click headline for full article
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