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Power contracting (Brazil): window of opportunity (Sat, 19 Sep 2020)
Power contracting (Brazil): window of opportunityI believe that deregulated energy users are facing a window of opportunity in relation to closing contracts for future delivery.Prices are very inviting. But there are two main factors that point to a potentially significant increase:El NinaMeteorologists have pointed out an increased probability that the phenomenon El Nina will cause a super.. Click headline for full article
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TerraPower Teams with Centrus Energy to Produce HALEU Fuel (Sat, 19 Sep 2020)
TerraPower and Centrus Propose HALEU FacilityCNL and Terrestrial Energy to Collaborate on IMSR Power PlantDOE Heads North to Alaska to Work on Micro ReactorsUAE May Build Four More Nuclear ReactorsEnergy Communities Alliance Launches a “New Nuclear” InitiativeTerraPower and Centrus Propose HALEU FacilityTerraPower announces plan to invest in domestic advanced nuclear fuel.. Click headline for full article
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