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Is Solar Energy from Outer Space in Our Future? – Part Two: Alternatives to the Geosynchronous Solar Array (Tue, 17 May 2022)
In looking at how we can harvest solar energy in space and deliver it to Earth-based receiving stations for transmission through local or national grids, several alternatives to kilometres-square arrays have been proposed. One of these borrows from the current strategy SpaceX is using to deploy a telecommunications network through a constellation of orbiting satellites providing global.. Click headline for full article
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Is Australia ready for EV fleets? (Mon, 16 May 2022)
I don’t think Australia is ready for electric fleet in its full capacity, with the changes in the NEM, I feel like it us too complex to manage the efficiencies in charger-vehicle-grid. Thoughts? Maybe Batteries as part of the solution?  I am sharing a link to an article outlining 3 important items to be considered by fleet owners/operator when thinking about going.. Click headline for full article
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