Join a community

If you feel now is the time to look into existing successful intentional communities, this is the latest directory in the making.
Since all communities are very distinct there might just be a place for you to unfold your God-given potential to the fullest and enjoy the beauty of life in a loving intentional community.

It turns out, more than 100,000 people already are, in ecovillages, cohousing, communes, and communities of all kinds around the world. They’re working together to create fair, sustainable, and satisfying models of society.

How can you find intentional communities?

The answer is the Communities Directory — an online and printed catalog of intentional communities in the US, and all over the planet.

For 25 years the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) has been building, innovating, and keeping this catalog fresh.

A book to find the community that suits you!

In addition to profiling more than 1,200 communities, the book includes full-page maps showing where communities are located, charts that compare communities by more than 30 different qualities, and an easy index to find communities interested in specific pursuits.

Guide to Intentional Communities & Cooperative Living

This epic book includes tons of bonus content, including articles on how to start or join a community, the basics of group dynamics and decision-making, and countless resources and links to help your community thrive!

As the desire to live together and form sustainable, multi-generational communities increases, more and more unique communities will spring up -  so along the way you will have choices to join one of these future communities.


To give you a feeling of living in a community, you might want to watch the trailer of "A New We", providing highlights of 10 established communities in Europe.