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Follow the Rainbow to Findhorn - Worksheets
These questions may help you to explore your own inner depth. Therefore it acts like a mirror on how you perceive yourself and the world. Idiscovered that there is some kind of very pure, and simple human wisdom in there that touches me every time I get to see it. It’s not a belief system. You will meet people like you and me speaking about the wonder of life, about learning, growing, struggling, hoping and succeeding with their purpose in the world. These are people who dare to live fully – who confront themselves and life with love, compassion and openness.
Follow the rainbow to FINDHORN - workshe
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A Consensus Handbook for Co-ops and Communities
This book is all about consensus decision making. In chapters one to
six we look at the fundamentals of consensus decision making: what
it is, how to do it, what qualities we need in ourselves and in our
groups to make it work; along with tools and techniques to help
when facilitating a consensus process.
The next two chapters are all about confronting the challenges we
face in using consensus. Here you’ll find troubleshooting tips, as well
as an exploration of how to address deeper issues, such as
interpersonal conflict and power dynamics.
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