The Village Sanctuary

Matthew 6:33

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

To create an intentional community is also a meticulous path through the jungle of the law of the land.

Every aspiring intentional community confronts this vast maze of laws, including communities that strategically evade these laws by settling in sparse rural regions.

Zoning is perhaps the most pernicious obstacle to intentional community formation.
Subdivision regulations are rules about the installation of neighborhood infrastructure—that is, where and which types of infrastructure a developer must include with new homes.

Incorporating the Village access road

That's how it all began in the backwoods of the upper Delaware valley in Pennsylvania:
building our own road - we named it Farmview Court - to access five new lots.
Alongside the road new poles were placed to supply electric power from the grid and a communication cable.

Restructuring the forest into a permaculture landscape

Building swales and raingardens for water management, flatten areas for building greenhouses and recreation, preparing areas for a food forest, berry hedges, raised beds, livestock and soil enhancement.

Establishing the Homestead

Building a new house takes a lot of detailed planning, including a close look at the softcosts.
Once you establish your good and reliable team, you are on your way to realize your dreams.

We chose to build our basements with Superior Walls, America's leader in custom residential precast concrete wall systems.
All of us chose a modular "ranch style" design on top of the basement, which is delivered turn key ready in one day.