The Saw Mill:

Carpentry goes back thousands of years - examples in the bible:

In the building of the ark Ge 6:14-16

In the construction of the tabernacle Ex 31:2-5 See also Ex 35:30-33

In the building of David’s palace 2Sa 5:11 pp 1Ch 14:1

In the building of the temple 1Ki 5:18 See also 1Ch 22:152Ch 2:13-14

In the restoration of the temple 2Ki 12:11 See also 2Ki 22:62Ch 24:122Ch 34:11

In rebuilding the temple Ezr 3:7

In boatbuilding See also Eze 27:5-6

Carpenters among the exiles in Babylon

2Ki 24:16 Carpenters are literally “craftsmen in wood”.

See also Jer 24:1Jer 29:2

Joseph as a carpenter

Mt 13:55

Jesus Christ as a carpenter

Mk 6:3

The American Arts and crafts movement is alive and well at Bluestone. We have purchased a Wood-Mizer portable band saw for milling our own local wood and are building a business to provide high end building materials, hand made furniture and much more from this powerful tool.

Let us know if we can help you with your next woodworking project or if you want to collaborate with us to build out the business.